You can submit your own Nice Units!

Just format your units in a spreadsheet program and then copy and paste them into the spreadsheet below, you can enter up to 100 units at a time.

The Value column must contain a number, such as 10, 56.3, or -42.34e-4.
The Unit column must contain a unit, such as km^3, m**2, tons, or light-years/century.
The What It Is column must describe what the unit is.
The Source column must contain an authoratative reference (citation to a published work or web address) which can be used to verify your submission.
    Each Unit must have a source, even if many units are drawn from the same source.
The Category column is optional. Use it to enter comma-delimited categories for your unit, such as astronomy, USA, buildings, or oceans.
Your name will be used to give you credit for your submission.
Your email is private and will only be used to contact you with questions regarding your submission.