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Halal Control

HALAL CONTROL (HC) is an independent inspection and certification body, engaged in the conformity assessment and halal certification of products, processes and services in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and logistics industries. HC is based in Germany. HALAL CONTROL delivers its services in a consumer’s protective way and in straight conformity with the standards stipulated by the respective halal authorities. HC is a governance body of IHAB (International Halal Integrity Board), a member of WHC (World Halal Council), a member of AHAC (Association of Halal Certifiers) and holds official recognitions from the following halal authorities and organizations: JAKIM Malaysia, BPJPH Indonesia*), MUIS Singapore, CICOT Thailand, GAC (member of IHAF), GCC – Gulf Cooperation Council countries, GIMDES Turkey, SANHA South Africa, Qatar Ministry of Public Health, South Korean FDA and other reputable institutions. HALAL CONTROL is ISO/IEC 17065:2012 / UAE.S 2055-2 (2015) certified through GAC (Gulf Accreditation Center) and is registered with ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology) since October 2016. HC is a reference body for authorities, Islamic institutions, universities, food associations, industries, consumer protection agencies and international halal standard task/working groups. HC is member of the advisory board of AFS – Advances in Food Sciences (Scientific Journal) and FEB – Editorial Board member of FEB – Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. HC checks the conformity with the following standards. Honestly implemented by the industry, it ensures a proper halal service and facilitates a global acceptance of your products on consumers and trade level alike. The HALAL CONTROL (HC) Guidelines incorporates the following standards; MS 1500:2019 HAS 23201 HAS 23000:1 UAE.S 2055 -1:2015 OIC/SMIIC 1:2019 WHO/FAO – CAC/GL 24-1997 Relevant standards apply JAKIM, MUI, MUIS, GSO, ESMA, SFDA, PNAC, SMIIC, food and hygiene standards, others. *) Since 21.11.2019 HC holds a temporary recognition letter issued by the BPJPH (Halal Product Assurance Agency Indonesia) which has been endorsed by the Minister of Religion Indonesia. Previously it held the MUI recognition between 2004-2019. MUI has confirmed HC‘s conformity with the MUI’s SOP/Admin requirements on 2nd October 2018 and again on 4th November 2018. With the recognition by the BPJPH, HC certificates are fully legally endorsed for the acceptance in Indonesia by Ministry of Religion Indonesia.