Some thoughtful Units to start with

Christian Bauer
10 Major Threats
United Nations
17 Goals
Jacqueline Cramer
10R Principles

Point 7 "Remanufacture“, which was omitted here, is a mixture of "Refurbish", "Repurpose" & "Repair"

Kaizen / Cicero
7 Questions
Lucius Burckhardt
6 Questions for Products, Processes & Systems
Nynke Tromp & Stéphane Vial
5 Components of Social Design
Friedrich von Borries
Good Design
Dieter Rams
Good Design
Stefan Diez
Circular Products
Victor Papanek
10 Questions before Buying
7 Muda of Wasting

Through overproduction

Produce more than necessary.

By Waiting

Idle hands of an employee. Process timing not optimized.

Due to unnecessary Transport

Movement of materials or products does not add value.

Caused by manufacturing defective Parts

Defective products disrupt the production flow and require costly improvements.

Due to excessive Storage

End and semi-finished products, supplier parts and materials that are stored as inventories do not add value.

Due to unnecessary Movement

Awkward, unergonomic and unnecessary movements waste time, cause fatigue and increase the risk of injury.

Due to unfavorable Manufacturing Process

The additional provision of products or services with features that are neither desired nor paid for by the customer.

5S Method


Get organized: Remove everything that is not necessary from your Work Area!


Love of Order: Organize Things & keep them in their right Place!


Cleanliness: Keep your workplace clean!


Personal Sense of Order: Make 5S a Habit by setting Standards!


Discipline: Make Cleanliness & Order your personal Concern!

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